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CAMPAIGNS: Up to 40% DISCOUNT for Meller Sunglasses and Watches // Mueslii, Grey, Ferrari and Vespa All Product 15% DISCOUNT Code: PRIMESTORE15
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Our Privacy Policy

The security and privacy rules on this page have been set to determine the security and privacy limits in your shopping and personal information you provide.

What does primestore.com.tr site privacy policy cover?

  • This privacy policy is valid at http://www.primestore.com.tr.
  • Seeing the primestore.com.tr logo on any site does not mean that these security rules are valid on that site. You need to check the URL and make sure it's really a primestore.com page. Because there may be people who want to use our logo without permission and maliciously. In such cases, please contact us. Our e-mail address: info@primestore.com.tr
  • primestore.com.tr cannot share your information (e-mail, name, surname, date of birth, invoice address, delivery address, etc.) on this site with third parties.
  • The credit card information you use while subscribing to primestore.com.tr is secured by the banks we work with, primestore.com.tr and third parties cannot view your credit card information.
  • primestore.com.tr issues an invoice for every shopping transaction on primestore.com.tr.

What personal information does primestore.com.tr store?

  • You do not have to give us any personal information in order to visit our site. But if you will benefit from our services, you have to become a member and provide some personal information.
  • When you visit our site at any time, our web server records the IP address of your browser as an anonymous user. Depending on your request, the cookie information stores the content searches you have made within our pages. Thanks to this information, the advertisements on the site in the future will be personalized in line with the products you are interested in.
  • primestore.com.tr stores users' personal information for three main purposes; to fulfill your requests in certain services, to provide content and advertisements on the site you will come across, to ensure that you are informed about the products and services you wish.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a short text that asks your permission to take place on your computer's hard drive. If you approve, your browser will add the text to your computer in a small file. If you have set up your browser to let you know before you consent to the cookie, primestore.com.tr will ask you for a cookie installed on your computer. The purpose of this is to know when you visit our site. This cookie will only tell us that a previous visitor has returned. (Not your e-mail address or who you are.) If you want to give us this information by registration then this will be your choice.

Why are these Cookies always stubborn?

If our server fails to detect a special ID code for your session, it will generate a new one and send it to the recipient in a cookie form. So if you accept the cookie, you will only get it once.

Are all cookies the same?

No, we have two types of cookies on our site: temporary and temporary (log) cookies. A temporary cookie is necessary to protect the user session and tells our server which page will come next. A logged cookie tells you which pages are used and which are not. This information will help us to improve and adapt our site to your wishes.

What does a cookie do for me, (for the visitor)?

The use of cookies on our site has important advantages for you. For example, it keeps the content you visit and view during your visit and then allows you to see the news and pages about the content you are interested in. While browsing our site, you can add products to your favorites list and continue from where you left off when you visit again to browse a few days later. So, with the use of cookie technology, special suggestions and special links within the site will be much easier. Apart from these, cookies give us the possibility to observe what is working to provide you a better website or what is not correct in site visit analysis. Perhaps in the future, a cookie will allow you to tell us what you want to read or what you do not want.

Why do I need to know this?

Because we want you to know why we want you to approve a cookie. We want you to be sure that accepting a cookie does not under any circumstances give us a link to your computer or give any private information about you. We know that many people have doubts about cookies. However, when we talk to many of our users about their specific use, both parties gain precious time. We value our relationships with our customers and future customers, and we respect their concerns.

Security of personal information

primestore.com.tr keeps all your personal identification information confidential. However, when you become a member, we have to know your name and address in order to deliver your invoice. These two information are given to the company by the system. Your card information remains only between you and the bank.

What is the protection measure of the environment where we store this personal information?

Security on the Internet can be examined under two headings;

  1. The first is the security of the hardware, software and network infrastructure we use to provide this service. For this purpose, our site primestore.com.tr provides service on Uzak.net.
  2. The second is the security of the data traffic that occurs while our customers benefit from our service. The security of data traffic consists of four basic components:
    1. Authentication: Recognition
    2. Authorization: Authority Check, if you are a member.
    3. Non-Repudiation: Liability
    4. Data Protection: Integrity and confidentiality of information

The first two of these four components are important to allow access for only authorized members.

Link to Other Sites

primestore.com.tr provides links to the websites of advertisements, banners or sponsorship companies. primestore.com.tr is not responsible for the information usage, ethical principles and privacy principles of the linked sites.

User Requests / Feedback

primestore.com.tr stores all kinds of requests, suggestions and questions sent by members and visitors to the site in order to measure the performance of the site. This information cannot be used for any purpose other than to respond to them.

Use of Content

No text or graphic published on primestore.com.tr can be used without permission by third parties. The content material or functionality on this site cannot be published in other media, and no links can be given to internet sites without the permission of primestore.com.tr.


The legal rights provided in all material on this site are held by primestore.com.tr or by the original creator of the material. Except as provided herein, no material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed, uploaded, replayed, posted, transmitted via the transmitter, or reproduced internally, but without limitation, electronic, mechanical, photocopic, recorded or in any other way.

It is only permissible not to modify the materials on this site for personal, non-commercial use for display, copy, distribution or upload, and if you are the legal owner of all legal and other personal notes contained in the materials. If you are not, you cannot copy everything from primestore.com to other servers without permission. This permit automatically expires when you breach any of these terms. Regarding this restriction, you must immediately destroy the material you uploaded or depicted. Any unsigned use of any material on this site infringes copy laws, commercial laws, security and promotional laws, and communications laws and statutes.

Security information on this page is updated by primestore.com.tr from time to time. Please check this information periodically. In some cases, warnings on primestore.com.tr will inform you about new security practices. You can write your questions and problems about security to info@primestore.com.tr.